DiMA February Playlist Newsletter

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DiMA February Playlist Newsletter 2023

1. Research: 2023 Fan Engagement Report 

The results are in, why music fans love streaming.  

A new study from DiMA explores what music fans love about streaming, and how the relationship between streamers and platforms is changing the music industry. Read the full report here.

Key takeaways on why streaming has proved so popular and grown so rapidly: fans value the near unlimited access to music, access to tools that help them find their favorite music, and the ability to customize and personalize their experience. Streaming empowers fans to discover and rediscover new and old music, which supports more listening and active engagement. 

Some Numbers:  

  • 91% of streamers value flexibility and 89% value customization when choosing a music platform. 
  • 7 in 10 streamers listen to customized playlists created either by the streaming service or themselves/their friends. 
  • Streaming is the #1 source of music discovery. 
  • 93% of streamers and 83% of non-streamers believe streaming benefits the music economy. 

Click here for Streaming Forward: 2023 Fan Engagement Report 

Click here for DiMA’s infographic on Customization and Personalization 

Click here for DiMA’s infographic on Fan Engagement and (Re)Discovery 

2. In Action: NY:LON

Figure 1 From left to right: Molly Neuman CMO of Downtown Music Holdings, Kris Ahrend MLC, Garrett Levin DiMA President and CEO, Helen Smith IMPALA, Tom Gray Ivors Academy From left to right: Molly Neuman, Downtown Music Holdings CMO; Kris Ahrend, The MLC CEO; Garrett Levin, DiMA President and CEO; Helen Smith, IMPALA Executive Chair; Tom Gray, The Ivors Academy Chair

DiMA President and CEO Garrett Levin emphasized the need to build trust within the music industry with fellow panelists at the NY:LON conference in London. All panelists agreed there are opportunities to improve the streaming economy through enhanced cooperation. As they detailed past scenarios and lessons learned, Mr. Levin emphasized the challenge of updating global policies, stating “Policy moves at the speed of a horse and buggy! That’s not the speed at which this industry moves.”

3. Spotlight: Streaming Innovation Forward – 10 Innovations of 2022

Pushing the Limits: DiMA’s member companies continued relentless innovation in 2022, providing fans with new ways to connect with their favorite songs, enhancing personalization, and developing new tools for creators. We couldn’t possibly list all of the cool new features, tools, experiences, and music moments here. But as we did last year, we’re highlighting 10 exciting innovations from DiMA members – Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube.

Explore how these innovations are evolving streaming to the benefit of fans and the music industry. 

Click here for DiMA’s infographic on 10 Streaming Innovations from 2022. 

4. Tune In: Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and DiMA and its members have been celebrating the Black community’s invaluable contributions to music and culture on social media.  

  • Amazon reminded us that you can’t box in Black music with spotlights on Black artists like Lil Yachty.
  • Apple Music is celebrating the ingenuity of Black Music as a form of resistance. 
  • Pandora joined with ESPN’s Bomani Jones to remind us that #resistance is unrelenting and always evolving. 
  • Spotify is amplifying @OurFrequencyan initiative to celebrate Black art, creativity and culture.
  • YouTube is giving love back to the Black music community. 

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