New Report: Streaming Country Music Forward 

DiMA fan survey and five country music executives explore streaming’s impact on country in the age of streaming

WASHINGTON, D.C, April 18, 2023The Digital Media Association (DiMA) today released a new research report Streaming Country Music Forward – providing insights into country music  and streaming. Featuring interviews with top country music executives from Amazon, Apple, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube as well as data points from a survey of fans, the report examines where the genre and its relationship with streaming may be headed.  

Research findings: 

  • Country Music streamers are curious and hungry for discovery: 87% of country music streamers find recommendations from audio streaming services useful, and 69% say they are more likely to continue listening to these artist and song recommendations. 
  • Country Music streamers are loyal listeners: 76% of country music streamers listen to music daily, and 73% of country music streamers know when their favorite artist is touring or in concert.  
  • Country’s streaming audience skews female and listens more: 63% of country music streamers are female and all country music streamers report spending 1.6x more time listening than country fans who listen but don’t stream. 

“As technology has evolved to bring country music to fans old and new across America and throughout the world, so too has our understanding of what country music is, who can make it, and who listens to it,” said DiMA President and CEO Garrett Levin. “We wanted to dig into this vibrant part of the music industry to better understand the interconnected nature of the relationship between artists making incredible music, fans who just might be the most loyal music listeners around, and the technological innovations that have made possible new pathways to success and engagement.”

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