DiMA Playlist - Black Music Month & Discovering New Music 🎧

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A Message from our CEO

This June has an incredible energy. Life feels like it is returning to normal with cities, restaurants, and even music venues slowly opening again – just in time to bring people together for nationwide celebrations like Black Music Month, Juneteenth, and Pride.

Our focus this week is on Black Music Month, a time to celebrate the Black community’s invaluable contributions that enriched the past – and continue to shape the future – of American music and culture. DiMA’s member companies are commemorating and amplifying Black musicians – from vocalists and instrumentalists to songwriters and composers – with a variety of campaigns, playlists, and initiatives. Keep an eye on DiMA’s Twitter feed this week for more on how DiMA is celebrating Black Music Month!

Last week also marked the American Association of Independent Music’s (A2IM) Indieweek, an international conference that amplifies the global impact of indie music. I had the pleasure of joining A2IM CEO Richard James Burgess and Russ Crupnick of Music Watch Inc. to discuss the New World of Music Discovery and dive into the trends shaping how today’s music fans find new music or rediscover old favorites. Check out some of the findings from Music Watch to learn more about the ways listeners open new doors when it comes to music – it’s no surprise that streaming is the #1 source for discovering new songs and artists.

– Garrett Levin
CEO, Digital Media Association
@garrettlevin | @digitalmediausa