Streaming Country Music Forward

The history of music in America simply cannot be told without an acknowledgement of the importance of country music. As technology has evolved to bring country music to fans across America and throughout the world, so too has our understanding of what country music is, who can make it, and who listens to it. This report digs in to better understand the relationship among artists making incredible music, fans who just might be the most loyal music listeners around, and the technological innovations that have made possible new pathways to success and engagement.  

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The report features interviews with five of the leading digital executives involved in country music. These executives shared fascinating insights and analysis of both the state of country music today and thoughts about where this vital genre is headed.

Highlights of their insights: 

Jay Liepis, Apple Music Business Partnerships Nashville

Country music has the biggest opportunity to grow, with streaming opening the doors for people of different ethnicities, race, gender, sexual orientation and geographical location. It’s giving more artists an opportunity to be heard which in turn is bringing more fans together; fans that probably never knew they WERE fans of the music before. 

Margaret Hart, YouTube Head of Nashville Label & Industry Relations

“Though the country consumer has traditionally tended to stay within the genre, as younger country fans engage on streaming services, we notice that they are more genre agnostic. Thanks to artists like Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, the lines of the country genre have been blurred, and many younger fans are incorporating country music into their listening habits alongside pop, Latin etc.” 

Brittany Schaffer, Spotify Head of Artists & Label Partnerships Nashville

In a streaming world, artists no longer have to use a one-size fits all model for releasing music and connecting with fans, which allows for more creative, authentic, and frequent connections. These opportunities allow listeners to consume more of the music they love, to build deeper and more meaningful connections with the artists, and to discover more music than ever, whether through mood and moment, genre, or algorithmic playlists that ultimately soundtrack their lives.

Steve Blatter, Pandora Senior Vice President & General Manager of Music Programming

It’s exciting to see all styles of country music doing well, those considered mainstream or more burgeoning sub-genres and artists. Streaming helped give a platform to non-traditional artists just as it connected new listeners who may not have previously been considered traditional country music fans. The data that artists are able to get from streaming services, like Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform, allows them far more insight into where their fans are and what resonates with them.

Michelle Kammerer, Amazon Music Head of Country Music 

Country remains a leading genre for Amazon Music and a true cornerstone of the service itself. Our team actively engages the genre’s audience with a combination of curated and cutting-edge original country music programming, events, editorial content, and exclusives. Country music fans love our programming and genre-specific initiatives. 


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