Streaming Forward: 2023 Fan Engagement Report

It’s no secret that fans love streaming. But why fans love streaming, and what drives them to continue streaming, has been less explored. This report is based on a survey of music fans, designed to help us answer these questions. The findings are key to better understanding fans’ perspectives, and driving an industry that benefits artists, songwriters, copyright owners, and fans alike.

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Streaming presents new opportunities for meaningful engagement and endless exploration. To continue empowering listeners and the industry, we took a deep look at why fans love streaming. Some of the key drivers include:

Engagement and (Re)Discovery

Streaming is the #1 source for music discovery, and 66% of streamers say they explore or engage with new genres more while streaming than when using other formats. Fans also value streaming’s unlimited shelf space, allowing (re)discovery of new and old favorites.

Customization and Personalization

91% of streamers say it’s important to have the ability to decide what to listen to and when, and 86% of streamers find the recommendations from streaming services for artists and songs useful, giving the listener a tailored yet flexible experience.

Genre Exploration

Streaming breaks down barriers and provides more access to music from different genres and places. Most streamers report that they were first introduced to Americana (74%), Afro-Pop/Afro-Beats (73%), K-Pop (68%), and Latin music (55%) through streaming services.

Industry Benefits

Music streamers spend on average 1.5x more time and money on music than non-streamers, reflecting their positive impact on the music industry.

Streaming Forward Report

Download the 2023 Fan Engagement Report, highlighting how much music fans value the unparalleled personalization and unlimited shelf space offered by streaming, leading to more engaged and empowered fans.