Streaming the Latin Music Revolution

The story of Latin Music is rich with history, iconic artists and a fraught decade – and now a renaissance that is driving not simply a business, but culture. That’s happening for many reasons, including the growth of music streaming and its ability to connect fans with music at the touch of a button.

Our new report – “Streaming The Latin Music Revolution” – explores this phenomenon. We feature interviews with four of the leading digital executives involved in Latin Music, a first-ever consumer profile of the Latin Music fan in the United States courtesy of MusicWatch, and a phenomenal playlist of the top Latin songs and recommendations of up-and-coming Latin artists you need to know.

You can read the report here in English or Spanish, or keep scrolling to access the report and more information below.

The release of “Streaming the Latin Music Revolution” comes during Hispanic Heritage Month. To further commemorate this month and explore the growth and impact of Latin Music, we convened policymakers and digital executives for a conversation about what Latin Music means to them. Check out the video below to hear more from Representatives González-Colón (R-PR) and Cárdenas (D-CA), and some of the executives featured in the report.

Latin Music is on the rise. Why now?

Latin music’s growth can be attributed to a few coinciding factors, most notably the rise in streaming and the availability of mobile to Spanish-speaking consumers around the world. – Monica Herrera Damashek, Head of US Latin, Artist and Label Partnerships at Spotify

How has streaming changed the game?

Streaming has allowed this audience to be consolidated into fewer channels, which are now digital and quantifiable. Today’s artist can now reach their audience directly, which has opened the floodgates in many ways for an immense diversity of regional expressions of music and culture emanating from all over the hemisphere. Marcos Juárez, Pandora’s Head of Latin Music

What’s behind Latin music’s collaborative mindset?

Now that we have everyone’s attention and ears, it’s about showing the richness and diversity of Latin music. There are so many genres, nationalities, sounds for all Latin music and this is just the beginning. Rocío Guerrero Colomo, Amazon’s Global Head of Latin Music

What makes the Latin Music fans special?

Fan presence on social media and the importance of expressing their love to their most loved artists, creates an unprecedented opportunity for promotion, reach and engagement. Latin American fans and how they interact with artists they love is a dream for all artists. Sandra Jimenez, Director, Music Partnerships (LATAM) at YouTube

Streaming the Latin Music Revolution

Download the Streaming the Latin Music Revolution report, and don’t forget to check out the playlist on your favorite streaming platform below.