DiMA is the digital media & streaming association.

DiMA is fighting to promote streaming innovation and investment policy that supports a growing digital media industry providing consumers with more choice and greater access.

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Better Value

The digital and streaming media industry makes it possible for creative content – from the biggest names in entertainment to small and independent creators – to reach consumers connected via computers, tablets, TVs, smartphones, smart speakers, and other connected devices.

More Choices

Consumers now enjoy more content, from more creators, in more ways than at any point in history. Greater choice gives consumers better value and more flexibility to engage with creative content in new and exciting ways.

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Thriving Industry

Streaming encourages and enhances the entertainment experience through direct access to consumers that facilitates sharing. Streaming builds and enhances communities that enable content creators to distribute, promote and share their creativity. Streaming generates billions of dollars in royalties, fueling the creative engine.

Who We Serve

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Streaming provides consumers with better value and increased choice. DiMA fights to ensure digital services can continue to deliver compelling consumer experiences.

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Digital services give creators the power to distribute their content directly to fans, helping them reach a bigger audience. Fewer gatekeepers means more creative control for content creators.

Copyright Owners

Streaming contributes billions of dollars a year in royalty payments to copyright owners. Technology and transparency bring new revenue that fuels job growth and continued investment in the creative ecosystem.

Our Policies

About DiMA

Our Vision

DiMA promotes an environment that drives our members’ growth and success. We help facilitate consumers’ access to legal digital media choices. Every day our members deploy new, innovative digital services that discourage piracy and other illegal practices.

We offer a better value to consumers, who enjoy more choices than ever before, and to creators, who have new ways to engage directly with their audiences.

DiMA advocates for balanced copyright laws that simultaneously protect creators and streamline consumers’ access to their favorite content. We also ensure our members protect consumers’ privacy when using digital media services.

DiMA represents our members in industry negotiations and rate-setting proceedings. Our members operate in a global market and we work to ensure their success worldwide.

Our Mission

Digital and streaming innovation are the future of media content. Today, more than ever, consumers have the music, videos and eBooks they love available at their fingertips. Creators are eager to share their content through digital services that allow them to grow and reach their largest audience in history.

DiMA promotes a robust online environment that supports growth and success for the entire digital media ecosystem. We advocate for pro-innovation policies, legislation and regulatory actions that promote growth, competition and creativity.

Consumers, creators and copyright owners all benefit from a digital media industry that is innovative, collaborative and legal. DiMA works with its members to provide a better value to consumers, creators and copyright owners. Our members represent an economic engine that will fuel future growth and creativity around the world.

DiMA Fights for Streaming Innovation

Better for consumers, who can discover and share eBooks, music and videos, connect directly with their favorite creators and each other, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Better for creators, who enjoy more creative freedom, fewer industry gatekeepers, and direct access to a global audience.

Better for copyright owners, who annually receive billions of dollars in royalties, fewer barriers to entry, and lower distribution costs.