Celebrating Black Music Month

June is Black Music Month, a time to elevate Black voices and celebrate Black music. A time to recognize the Black community’s invaluable contributions to music and culture.

 In 2021, we began an interview series featuring enlightening conversations about Black Music And Leadership In Politics and Entertainment. We continued the series in 2022 and 2023 with more great conversations between key Members of Congress and leaders at DiMA member companies. Check out the videos below to learn more about the importance of Black music, the contributions of Black artists, advice on leadership and success, and what songs the participants have on repeat!

 After you’ve watched the interviews, you can also listen to our specially curated Black Music Month playlists, developed based on songs and artists highlighted in the conversations. Click below to find the 2021 and 2022 playlists on your favorite streaming platform.

You can also tune into our Black Music Month blog series where music experts dive into the history of Black music in different genres. Click here for the 2022 blog. Click here for the 2023 blog.



Black Music Month 2023 Interviews

Black Music Month 2023 Playlists (Rep. Ivey)

Black Music Month 2023 Playlists (Rep. Kamlager-Dove)

Black Music Month 2022 Interviews
Black Music Month 2021 Interviews