DiMA May Playlist Newsletter - 2024

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DiMA May Playlist Newsletter 2024

Left to Right: Graham Davies, DiMA President & CEO; Erin McAnally, SONA Executive Director; Morna Willens, RIAA Chief Policy Officer; Michael Lewan, The Recording Academy Managing Director of Government Relations; Chris Barkley, NMPA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs; Meredith Rose, Public Knowledge Senior Policy Counsel

1. Spotlight: DiMA at MusicBiz 2024

DiMA engaged with other industry leaders on all things streaming at Music Biz 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. DiMA’s President & CEO Graham Davies hosted a panel of industry and policy experts to talk about the current music policy landscape, the outlook in an election year, and what’s on the horizon for streaming. Later in the day our EVP & General Counsel, Colin Rushing, had the chance to speak to attendees about global music developments, revenue streams, and what it all means for artists.

DiMA also shared some superfan research with the help of MusicWatch’s Russ Crupnick. The research examines listening habits, motivations, and genre preferences of music streamers.

Thanks to Music Business Association for putting on another successful and engaging conference!

2. For the Record: DiMA at Ivors Week

DiMA President & CEO, Graham Davies, had a packed week in London celebrating The Ivors Awards. Davies also took the time to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues with fellow thought leaders at a breakfast hosted by DiMA and ERA and on a panel hosted by PRS for Music.

Davies detailed his main takeaways from these events in a new blog, including:

  • A reminder on the vital importance of the Music Modernization Act to a functional and thriving US music market.
  • A response to efforts to change the MMA in ways that would dismantle the vital system established by the landmark legislation.
  • Thoughts on DiMA’s support for the five-year redesignation process of the MLC as a means of identifying what is working and what needs improvement.

Read the full blog, titled “Reflections and Recap on Ivors Week 2024” here.

3. Research: DiMA Continues Support for Canadian Creators and Consumers

A new survey from DiMA and Spark Insights on listeners’ satisfaction with music streaming in Canada shows users are highly satisfied with their streaming services generally, and that a majority of people think services give Canadian musicians an unparalleled opportunity to be heard by global audiences. These findings build on the key points of DiMA’s 2023 testimony to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) on streaming services’ support of Canadian creators and music. Read DiMA’s full testimony here, and get the full report from Spark Insights here.

Some key takeaways from the report include:

  • 85% of users are satisfied with the amount of Canadian content available and recommended to them on streaming services.
  • 83% of users think music streaming services in Canada offer affordable prices.
  • 62% of users say they would cancel their subscription if streaming services were forced to increase prices.

Catch up on past reports from DiMA and Spark Insights on the state of music streaming in Canada, here.

4. Tune In: DiMA President & CEO on Chief Influencer Podcast

DiMA President & CEO, Graham Davies recently shared his insights on leadership and collaboration in music streaming with Chief Influencer Podcast. Davies has a history of leading organizations to success, and he details his leadership journey in conversation with Anthony Shop in this episode of Chief Influencer, titled “Graham Davies on the Importance of Collaborative Leadership in Music Streaming.”

Be sure to check out the new episode here, and learn more about what DiMA is doing under Davies’ leadership here.

Ivors Week 2024: Stay tuned for more insights on DiMA’s activity during Ivors Week 2024, including:

  • A Music Streaming Breakfast hosted by DiMA and the Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA) featuring music maker representatives and music streaming services.
  • PRS Explores: Music Modernisation Act – 5 years on where DiMA President & CEO Graham Davies will be speaking on a panel alongside other music industry executives from NMPA, MPA, and MLC.

5. Celebrate: AANHPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, and DiMA and its members celebrated the AANHPI community’s influential contributions to music and culture on social media.

  • Spotify featured 7 must-know API artists and their go-to tracks.
  • Apple Music celebrated AAPI creators with a curated playlist inspired by the practice of finding joy through AAPI voices.
  • YouTube Music honored AAPI artists and their global hits with a “Celebrate APAHM playlist.”
  • Pandora recognized the genre-breaking influence of AAPI music on styles from around the world.

6. Get Ready: DiMA Summer Members’ Meeting

DiMA Members – we look forward to seeing you at our Summer Members’ Meeting in New York City on June 11th!

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