DiMA Playlist – September 2022 - New Royalty Rates Agreement

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A Message from our CEO

For DiMA and its members, our summer culminated with a landmark agreement with publishers on royalty rates for songs  for 2023-2027. National Music Publishers Association CEO David Israelite, Nashville Songwriters Association International Executive Director Bart Herbison, and I issued a joint statement heralding the agreement that few in the music industry predicted.

One of the reasons I’m extraordinarily excited about the agreement is that it affords the entire music industry an opportunity to move beyond a disagreement that felt ever-present in conversation and even collaboration. This creates more time for work on joint initiatives like Credits Due (which Billboard wrote about in August), where we are working with songwriters and others throughout the industry to tackle the problem of incorrect or missing metadata that can begin before a song is even recorded.

Our playlist this month features winners and performers from the VMAs, an event that showcased many of the rising stars of the streaming-powered music industry from across genres like Latin, country, and K-pop. We created a playlist of award winners and performances at the show you can listen to on your favorite streaming service.

This fall we’ll be looking to lead conversation about the impact streaming is having on the music industry, economy, and music fans including through some research we’re excited to release.

– Garrett Levin
CEO, Digital Media Association
@garrettlevin | @digitalmediausa


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