DiMA President and CEO Talks AI, Industry Collaboration, and MLC Redesignation


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DiMA President and CEO Talks AI, Industry Collaboration, and MLC Redesignation

Davies addresses pressing industry issues facing music streaming in first interview

Washington, D.C. (February 15, 2024) – In his first interview since assuming the role of President & CEO of Digital Media Association (DiMA), Graham Davies sat down with Billboard to discuss DiMA’s role as the global voice of music streaming and outline the association’s plans for the future and priorities on many pressing topics, including AI and the MLC redesignation.

With the ongoing discussions of AI more broadly, and personal likeness legislation specifically, actively under discussion in the US, Davies laid out DiMA’s position, stating, “We believe that there should be appropriate safeguards to protect an individual’s personhood — name, image, likeness and voice — but the law has to be appropriately bound for all parties.”

As an industry veteran with extensive ex-US experience, Davies also discussed his vision of DiMA taking on a more global stance and building on work to date, saying he recognizes the importance of listening and collaboration on global issues facing the industry in establishing DiMA’s role as the global voice of music streaming.

Davies’ experience and efforts to increase collaboration will be critical as the industry begins the process of MLC redesignation. Davies feels his previous experience as a songwriter advocate allows him to “listen and understand where everyone is coming from and find common solution.” Discussing DiMA’s view on the process, he stated “The redesignation process is an important process to speak to all the people involved, figure out what’s working, what isn’t working and where we can improve.” Expanding on what they will pay close attention to, Davies highlighted neutrality as an area to focus on, stating “Our understanding is that the MLC was established in the interest of all stakeholders and to operate in a neutral way.”

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