DiMA Summer Members’ Meeting


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DiMA Summer Members’ Meeting 

DIMA’s first Summer Members’ Meeting highlights the need for a modernization agenda to support innovation and further streaming growth

New York, New York – DIMA’s first Summer Members’ Meeting focused on a “modernization and growth” agenda, including a series of important discussions about the future of the organization and presentations from industry leaders. It also included a fireside chat and networking with key streaming executives and other industry colleagues.

Coming after DIMA President and CEO Graham Davies’ first six months in the post, the meeting’s sessions outlined the organization’s strategy, which sees strengthening of the team and resources to support DIMA becoming the voice of music streaming in the US and Canada, with plans to expand further. Sally Rose Larson is promoted to Senior Vice President of Government and External Affairs as part of the changes.

Speaking of the modernization and growth agenda, Davies said, “Streaming has been the greatest generator of wealth for the recorded music industry in a generation. DIMA’s members are the economic engine of this growth, with 2023 seeing another year of double-digit growth. We advocate for policies that support our members’ ability to continue to innovate and drive the industry forward.”

He highlighted streaming’s power, saying that based on research conducted with MusicWatch, Inc, “90 million US streamers say that streaming activates more purchasing of recorded music or merch, or increases live attendance, highlighting the power of streaming.” He went on to say, “In every area we work on – from the Music Modernization Act and Mechanical Licensing Collective redesignation, to AI, and beyond – we believe the best solutions come from industry collaboration.”

Davies expressed DIMA’s strong and ongoing support for the Music Modernization Act, signed into law five years ago, and laid out key reforms that DIMA is seeking in the MLC redesignation process. These reforms include:

  • New Copyright Office oversight mechanisms: Additional dispute resolution and budgetary oversight processes to facilitate collaboration and tune costs to benefits.
  • Increased Efficiency, Transparency, and Neutrality: Implementing additional regulations on issues that have emerged since implementation, including processes for issuing refund and credits, use of interest income, confidentiality, and audits.
  • Appropriate treatment of public domain works

And coming one week after the imposition of a new tax on streaming services in Canada, he said: “The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) decision to impose an unprecedented and discriminatory 5% tax on music streaming services that are already making significant contributions to Canadian artists and culture is very disappointing and runs counter to Canada’s wider interests.”

The Members’ Meeting included discussions and fireside chat with industry leaders, including Jeff Harleston, General Counsel & EVP, Business & Legal Affairs, Universal Music Group; Steve Blatter, SVP & General Manager, Music Programming, SiriusXM-Pandora, and other music industry executives.


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