DiMA’s Inaugural ‘A Songwriter Salute’ Celebrates Creators’ Critical Contributions to Music Industry


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DiMA’s Inaugural ‘A Songwriter Salute’ Celebrates Creators’ Critical Contributions to Music Industry

Global voice of music streaming hosts event in partnership with BMAC, MAC, & SONA

L to R: Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, BMAC; Sally Rose Larson, DiMA; Michelle Lewis, SONA; Dina LaPolt, LaPolt Law; Susan Genco, MAC; Shawn “Tubby” Holiday, BMAC; Graham Davies, DiMA

Photo credit: Justin L. Stewart

Washington, D.C. (February 8, 2024) – Digital Media Association (DiMA), in partnership with Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC), Music Artists Coalition (MAC), and Songwriters of North America (SONA), hosted its inaugural A Songwriter Salute: Creatives, Congress, & Cocktails event in Los Angeles on February 3, 2024.

The event, which took place during GRAMMY® Week celebrations, put a spotlight on the importance of songwriters and their talent, and the importance of streaming to the music economy. The partnership between DiMA, BMAC, MAC, and SONA emphasizes the importance of direct dialogue with music creators and their advocates to enable the industry to work together on important issues.

 DiMA President and CEO Graham Davies said, “Songwriters deserve recognition and celebration for the vital role that they play in bringing music to life. DiMA works closely with creator advocates and was proud to present our GRAMMY® event: A Songwriter Salute. We are grateful for the partnership with leading creator groups BMAC, MAC, and SONA on this event and for the commitment to ongoing dialogue about how to improve the music industry for all stakeholders.”

 BMAC Co-Founder, President, and CEO Willie “Prophet” Stiggers said, “BMAC’s priority is creating legislation that protects music creators and amplifying the larger justice movement within the music industry. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with DiMA and our fellow advocacy groups MAC and SONA to continue to serve as the bridge for the creative community and our lawmakers.”

 MAC Board Member Susan Genco said, “It was wonderful to witness the combined advocacy strength of MAC, BMAC and SONA bringing music creators and legislators and DiMA together for direct conversations. MAC believes we are all stronger when we engage with one another and work together.”

SONA Executive Director Erin McAnally said, “Creating opportunities to honor and protect the crucial part that Songwriters play in the music economy is a core value for SONA and our advocacy partners, BMAC and MAC. We are grateful to DiMA for aligning toward that mission with this successful event.”


About Digital Media Association (DiMA):

DiMA is the global voice of music streaming advocating for the digital music innovations that have created unparalleled consumer choice and revolutionized the way music fans and artists connect. Representing the world’s leading music streaming companies and streaming innovators – Amazon, Apple Music, Feed.FM, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube – DiMA’s mission is to promote and protect the ability of music fans to engage with creative content whenever and wherever they want and for artists to more easily reach old fans and make new ones. https://www.dima.org/  @digitalmediaassoc

 About Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC)

 We formed the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) to create a unified force of action for racial equity and justice within the music industry and to use the power of our collective voice to improve communities and drive systemic change. Our Coalition advocates on behalf of Black artists, songwriters, producers, managers, agents, executives, lawyers to create access, equity and opportunity for Black Artists and industry professionals. BMAC works together with business leaders to hold companies accountable and implement a system of checks and balances to ensure change takes root. BMAC works to drive policy change around social and racial justice and protection of Artists with a focus on causes that directly impact Black people and Black communities. https://www.bmacoalition.org/  @bma_coalition

 About Music Artists Coalition (MAC)

 MAC is an artist centric organization with a primary mission to protect and advocate for Artist Rights in a digital age. MAC’s agenda is to address the complex issues facing artists today in a rapidly changing digital landscape, and to give artists an uncompromised voice in all debates which impact today’s artists and the artists of tomorrow. Comprised of leading musical artists, songwriters and music industry executives, the coalition has set a clear mission to speak for artists, performers and songwriters — first, foremost, only – and without compromise. https://www.musicartistscoalition.com/  @musicartistcoalition

 About Songwriters of North America (SONA)

 Songwriters of North America is an open and diverse community which unites enthusiastic music creators and thoughtful business leaders to redefine the music business in the 21st century. SONA creates a unified voice to protect artistic expression, compensation, and the rights of songwriters in North America. https://www.wearesona.com/  @wearesonala