Millions of Canadians Use – And Like - Music Streaming Services






Millions of Canadians Use – And Like – Music Streaming Services

Ottawa, January 23rd, 2024 – Music streaming services have become an integral part of the lives of millions of Canadians, according to recent public opinion research conducted by spark*Insights on behalf of the Digital Media Association. The study, conducted in December 2023, offers valuable insights into the widespread use and satisfaction levels related to music streaming services in the country.

Key findings from the research found 2 out of 3 Canadians use a music streaming service. Whether through paid subscriptions or free services, Canadians are actively engaging with music streaming services to discover and enjoy the music they love.

Users of music streaming services express remarkably high levels of satisfaction with their chosen service. An overwhelming 86% of respondents stated that they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the service they use most often, highlighting the positive impact these services have on their music experiences. Dissatisfaction levels were reported to be extremely low, with only 2% of users expressing dissatisfaction.

The research emphasized inclusivity for people of all income levels. Free services were found to be particularly helpful for individuals facing affordability challenges, allowing them access to a wide range of music options. Music streaming also shows broad appeal to people of all ages. Among individuals aged 60 or older, 40% of them are utilizing streaming services to listen to their tunes.

“Music has near universal appeal, and music streaming services have clearly built a solid market in Canada,” said spark*insights pollster Bruce Anderson. “It gives Canadians easy access to an extraordinary quantity and range of music, through a variety of offerings that appeal to people of different ages and with different levels of income. In a time when affordability is a top issue, it’s clear music streaming offers
a way to afford the music they love to listen to.”

“Over 85% of Canadian music streamers are satisfied with their services. This is a tremendous success story and is built on breaking down cultural barriers to enable fans to legally access whatever music they want, when they want it,” said Graham Davies, President and CEO, Digital Media Association.


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