PRESS RELEASE: DiMA’s All-Female Board of Directors and Female Staff Celebrate International Women’s Day




DiMA’s All-Female Board of Directors and Female Staff Celebrate International Women’s Day

Association commends extraordinary work of women in music and underscores importance of gender equality in the streaming industry

WASHINGTON, D.C (March 8, 2022) —  This International Women’s Day, the association of the major music streaming services – Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube –shares reflections on the value of gender equality for a sustainable, equitable future from DiMA’s all-female board of directors and majority female staff.

“As an exception in an industry where business and policy discussions are often dominated by men, we’re proud to have DiMA’s woman-led board be an example for the industry,” said the Board in a statement. “We applaud the contributions our companies and the streaming industry make to sustainability and gender equality, the theme of this year’s UN International Women’s Day.”

The DiMA board is comprised of members Ellen Schrantz (Amazon), Elizabeth Miles (Apple), Cynthia Greer (SiriusXM Pandora), Regan Smith (Spotify) and Rachel Landy (YouTube).

DiMA Vice President of Legal, Kirsten Donaldson, added to the board’s efforts to recognize and celebrate International Women’s Day saying, “[it’s] an opportunity to remind us of how far we’ve come toward being in the room, at the table, and on the Board, and of how far we have yet to go.”

DiMA is proud to represent a membership of companies relentlessly driving forward innovation of product and experience within an everchanging industry, and recognizes the significant impact of music streaming to amplify the voice of women and forge connection across cultures. Streaming has allowed for increased access and discovery of music globally, and the resulting visibility continues to highlight the essential contributions of women in music.



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