DiMA Playlist – July 2022 - '90s Music Spotlight

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A Message from DiMA

This month, DiMA President and CEO Garrett Levin joined ‘WHO KNEW Presents…the Smartest People in the Room’ with Tom Truitt for a video interview with music industry problem-solver Colin Rushing. It was a wide-ranging conversation covering all things streaming, including the recent Copyright Royalty Board decision setting the rates that streaming services pay music publishers for 2018 – 2022. For more on the CRB decision, you can find DiMA’s statement here.

As we wrap up July, we’ve jumped on the ‘90s nostalgia bandwagon. An Axios item explained that that music from the 1990s is more popular than music from any other decade right now – even this one. Because the story got us reminiscing, we decided to use streaming’s power of access to music anytime, anywhere and travel back 30 years ago to make a playlist rediscovering the top 10 hits from this week in 1992. We hope you enjoy the music and streaming is part of your summer!

– Team DiMA