Technology & Innovation

Streaming platforms have reinvigorated the modern music community by focusing on innovation that makes it easy and affordable for fans to legally access the content they want, when they want it. Not only are music fans listening to more music every day than at any time in history, but artists are producing more music and an increasing number of creators are garnering widespread exposure as fans access a virtually unlimited supply of music at the push of a button.

The streaming revolution was built on a commitment to constant improvement and innovation. Advances in technology and in the quality of music that can be delivered mean larger and more engaged audiences, which in turn improves the ability of artists to connect with old fans and make new ones, increases revenues for copyright holders, and creates a more robust music ecosystem for everyone.

DiMA is committed to promoting and expanding this evolving modern music experience. As streaming continues to push the industry forward by leveraging technological advances, DiMA believes it is imperative to promote policies that foster an innovative music marketplace and open the door to modernization, instead of erecting barriers to new ideas.

Modernizing the Music Experience

Streaming has reinvigorated the music industry and represents both the present and future of music; the time is now to ensure that progress is sustained and allowed to flourish. Some of the big trends right now include:

The Rise of Smart Speakers

90% of the 71 million smart speaker users in the United States use their devices to stream music – some listening for over six hours every week.

High Definition Music

The relentless innovation of the streaming industry also extends to the audio quality of the music fans can access at the push of the button. New technological improvements have made high definition (HD) music a reality like never before.

Data-Driven Insights

Data is revolutionizing the way creators understand their listeners and is empowering more direct connections with fans – from creating targeted campaigns and raising awareness of new music and tours, to identifying new opportunities to engage.

Discovery & Personalization

Harnessing technology allows fans to discover and personalize the music they listen to at the simple push of a button. From finding new songs and artists, to creating the perfect playlist for at home or on the go, new features give fans a listening experience tailored especially for them.

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