2023 Fan Engagement Report: New Survey Highlights Why Music Fans Love Streaming


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2023 Fan Engagement Report: New Survey Highlights Why Music Fans Love Streaming

Ability to customize and personalize an unlimited catalog leads to more engagement and exploration

Washington, D.C. (February 15, 2023) – The Digital Media Association (DiMA) today released Streaming Forward: 2023 Fan Engagement Report. The report is based on a survey of music fans (2,000 music streamers and 1,000 non-streamers) and reveals new insight into the power of streaming for the music industry and fans alike.

Key findings of the report highlight how much music fans value the innovative customization and personalization offered by streaming, leading to more engaged and empowered fans:

  • 91% of streamers say it’s important to have the ability to decide what to listen to and when 
  • Music streamers on average spend 1.5x more time and money on music than non-streamers 
  • 86% of streamers find the recommendations from streaming services for artists and songs useful
  • 66% of streamers say they explore or engage with new genres more while streaming than when using other formats
  • Most streamers report that they were first introduced to Americana (74%), Afro-Pop/Afro-Beats (73%), K-Pop (68%), and Latin music (55%) through streaming services

“Fans love streaming, that’s no secret. This report helps us better understand why streaming is so popular and how fans view its contributions to the music industry,” said DiMA CEO Garrett Levin. “Ultimately, the fans we surveyed are telling us that it is the unparalleled personalization, combined with unlimited shelf space, which turns them into more engaged music fans who are constantly discovering new music and rediscovering old favorites.”

Click here for Streaming Forward: 2023 Fan Engagement Report

Click here for DiMA’s infographic on Customization and Personalization

Click here for DiMA’s infographic on Fan Engagement and (Re)Discovery


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