DiMA April Playlist Newsletter - 2024

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DiMA April Playlist Newsletter 2024

1. Spotlight: DiMA President & CEO Addresses Industry’s Top Issues

President & CEO of DiMA, Graham Davies, sat down with Music Ally for a discussion on a range of topics, including DiMA’s mission, continued vocal support for the Music Modernization Act, and the importance of a transparent, efficient, and neutral MLC.

Key quotes from the conversation:

  • On DiMA’s mission: “What DiMA is seeking to do is to advocate on behalf of music streaming and the service community.”
  • On the MLC: “The need for the MLC to operate transparently, efficiently and with neutrality, those are the key themes for us,” he says. “That’s what will lead to a successful MLC over the next five years.”
  • On AI: “We want to be absolutely involved with the industry in terms of understanding the issues and how we address them. But there’s a big concern right now in terms of not interfering with the established principles and processes, which could really be problematic.”

Read more about DiMA’s perspective on these pressing topics here.

2. Celebrate: Honoring This Year’s National Recording Registry Inductees

DiMA is proud to sit on the National Recording Preservation Board. DiMA and its member companies applaud the Class of 2024 Inductees into the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress. Each year, the National Recording Registry selects, with public input, a range of works representative of the nation’s diverse cultural and historical recorded sound heritage to be preserved within the Library of Congress’ sound collection.

This year’s class of inductees, comprising 25 recordings spanning nearly 80 years of American history, includes: “Wide Open Spaces” by The Chicks, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin, “Ready to Die” by The Notorious B.I.G., “Amor Eterno” by Juan Gabriel, and albums This is a Recording by Lily Tomlin, Arrival by ABBA, Pieces of Africa by Kronos Quartet, and Dookie by Green Day.

These recordings honor those artists and creators whose treasured work continues to influence the world of music today. We celebrate the National Recording Registry’s selection and congratulate each inductee on this unique recognition.

Hit Play: As a member of the National Recording Preservation Board, DiMA is proud to provide a playlist highlighting many of the recordings inducted in the Class of 2024. You may be surprised by what you (re)discover!

Read the full press release here.

From Left to Right: Graham Davies, DiMA President & CEO; Lisa Ramsey, University of San Diego School of Law Professor (Official U.S. Senate photo by Ryan Donnell)

3. On the Record: AI

DiMA EVP and General Counsel, Colin Rushing, spoke at Vanderbilt Law’s “Music Law and Generative AI: the 2024 Vanderbilt Music Law Summit” on issues related to Voice, Image, Name, and Likeness in the music industry.

On April 30, DiMA President and CEO Graham Davies testified before the Senate Judiciary’s IP Subcommittee at a hearing entitled “NO FAKES Act: Protecting Americans from Unauthorized Digital Replicas.” Graham spoke about DiMA’s support for appropriate safeguards to protect an individual’s personhood, while ensuring that any new legislation clarifies and simplifies the law and does not have a chilling effect on creative freedoms. You can read Graham’s full remarks here.

AI’s use and impact continues to evolve, and it is a key focus for streaming services and others in the music industry. DiMA recognizes the need for industry engagement to shape meaningful regulation around AI.

To learn even more about DiMA’s thoughts on this issue, check out the letters we’ve sent to lawmakers in Tennessee, Illinois, and the House Judiciary Committee.

4. Up Next: DiMA at Music Biz 2024

DiMA is gearing up for Music Biz 2024, happening May 13-16 in Nashville, Tennessee! Stay tuned for key takeaways from the conference, where DiMA President & CEO Graham Davies and DiMA EVP and General Counsel Colin Rushing will be speaking.

Sessions to keep an eye on include:  

  • “What’s Happening in Washington: A Music Policy Outlook”

Tuesday, May 14 at 10:00 AM CDT – Leading music policy experts and advocates will discuss key policy issues on the horizon for policymakers in Washington, DC. The panel will provide diverse viewpoints about key issues that affect the music industry and what’s ahead, and how we should be thinking about these issues, from both a policy and an industry perspective.

  • “Turmoil & Confusion in Neighboring Rights”

Tuesday, May 14 at 1:50 PM CDT – This expert panel will dive into developments and revelations regarding performance royalties for sound recordings, tell you what you need to know, help you know what questions to ask, and give you the tools to advise artists and rights owners about this critical stream of revenue.

  • “The Data Behind Today’s Music Fans”

Thursday, May 16 at 1:30 PM CDT – DiMA’s unique fan mapping, conducted with MusicWatch, portrays the consumer segments driving music listening and purchasing. This panel will discuss key learnings, including what really matters when talking to fans, what distinguishes super fans from passive fans, how do they engage with formats and genres, and what they really want from their music experiences.

Get Music Biz 2024’s full agenda and register here.


Ivors Week 2024: Stay tuned for more insights on DiMA’s activity during Ivors Week 2024, including:

  • A Music Streaming Breakfast hosted by DiMA and the Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA) featuring music maker representatives and music streaming services.
  • PRS Explores: Music Modernisation Act – 5 years on where DiMA President & CEO Graham Davies will be speaking on a panel alongside other music industry executives from NMPA, MPA, and MLC.


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