DiMA September Playlist Newsletter - 2023

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DiMA September Playlist Newsletter 2023

1. Spotlight: Graham Davies, Incoming DiMA President & CEO

Music industry and advocacy veteran Graham Davies will join DiMA as its next President & CEO this fall. DiMA’s members welcome Davies in his new role.

From the DiMA Board: “Graham has long championed initiatives that bring the music industry together through collaborative discussion and action,” said DiMA’s Board of Directors. “His demonstrated track record of working constructively across diverse stakeholders – and across borders – for the betterment of creators and the music ecosystem as a whole resonated with us. We’re extremely proud to name him as DiMA’s next President & CEO. We look forward to building upon and expanding the positive work DiMA has already undertaken to champion the beneficial impact of streaming for fans, artists, and songwriters, and are excited about Graham’s vision to advocate and engage around an improved music industry.”

On his upcoming role: “DiMA has taken a forward-leaning approach to initiatives that benefit the entire music industry and the brightest future for music is one where key players work together. As streaming services have powered the resurgence of music from dark economic days, it’s critical that we accelerate industry dialogues that reward creativity and ensure fans can continue to legally access music anytime, anywhere. In my new post, I look forward to listening, engaging in conversation, and looking at ways continued innovation can create new opportunity,” said Davies.

On his industry experience: Coming from the Ivors Academy, Davies has led government-backed reforms for metadata, contract transparency as well as research into creators’ earnings and the market. Davies also started and worked alongside DiMA on the Credits Due initiative, an educational campaign focused on the importance of getting music metadata right at the point of creation to ensure artists and songwriters receive royalties they are owed and are properly credited. Stay tuned this fall for more on Davies’ role here at DiMA.

More information about Graham is available here.

2. Tune In: Streaming Hip-Hop Music Forward 2023

[left to right] Timothy Hinshaw, Amazon; Eric ‘Stens’ Stensvaag, Feed.fm; Briana Younger, Spotify; Tuma Basa, YouTube; Joshua ‘J1’ Raiford, Pandora.

DiMA’s new report, Streaming Hip-Hop Music Forward 2023, explores hip-hop fans’ streaming and listening habits, and their engagement with the genre on streaming platforms. Featuring interviews with top hip-hop music executives from Amazon, Apple Music, Feed.fm, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube, along with data from a survey of fans, the report tells the story of how streaming is helping hip-hop artists bring connection and creative expression to the world.

Key Findings: Some highlights from the report include:

  • Hip-hop streamers are loyal listeners: 80% of hip-hop fans say they couldn’t imagine living without music, and 93% of hip-hop streamers are likely to keep using their favorite streaming service.
  • Hip-hop listeners are early adopters, driven by discovery: hip-hop fans are 25% more likely to use new features on streaming services than the average listener, and 78% of hip-hop fans cite music streaming as a primary source for music discovery.
  • Hip-hop fans are everywhere: 58% of hip-hop fans live outside of cities, in suburban or rural areas.

The Event: DiMA unveiled the report at an event featuring remarks from House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-Calif.), and hip-hop experts from DiMA member companies. The DiMA led event marked the celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary on Capitol Hill.

Click here for the full report: Streaming Hip-Hop Music Forward 2023.

Click here to listen to a playlist of hip-hop tracks on your favorite streaming platform. 

3. Let’s Celebrate: Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, DiMA explored fans’ embrace of Latin music and the artists who create it. These new insights shed light on the role streaming plays in creating greater access to Latin music and culture for fans across the globe.

Key Findings: New survey data shows that:

  • Streamers of Latin music spend $258 on recorded music annually, 29% more than the average streamer.
  • 55% of music streamers who regularly listen to Latin music consider themselves hard core fans of the genre.
  • 79% of Latin music fans say streaming helps them discover music.
  • 63% of those who stream Latin music say recommendations make them more likely to listen to their preferred service.

Continue the celebration by checking out DiMA’s 2022 report Streaming the Latin Music Revolution while listening to the report’s accompanying playlists on your favorite streaming service.

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