The Music Modernization Act – Summary

The Music Modernization Act (MMA), signed into law in 2018, brings an outdated licensing regime into the 21st century digital age of music, ensures copyright owners are paid for their music, and streaming services can continue to innovate for fans, artists, and the entire music community. Passage of the legislation reflected recognition by streaming services, songwriters, music publishers, artists, record labels, and, most importantly, policymakers that the music industry has forever evolved by dint of technological innovation and consumer choice.

From the law’s inception to its passage, DiMA and its members advocated fiercely for a system that serves the entire music community. The MMA demonstrated what is possible when an entire industry can put aside differences and come together to create improvements for all. DiMA remains committed to ensuring that the law is properly implemented, building a forward-looking system that serves fans, artists, songwriters, and copyright holders.

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