DiMA February Playlist Newsletter - 2024

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DiMA February Playlist Newsletter 2024

DiMA President and CEO, Graham Davies

Photo Credit: Lexey Swall

1. Spotlight: DiMA President & CEO Addresses Pressing Industry Issues

In his first interview as President & CEO of DiMA, Graham Davies sat down with Billboard to discuss DiMA’s role as the global voice of music streaming and outlined the association’s plans for the future and priorities on many pressing topics, including AI, industry collaboration, and MLC redesignation.

Key quotes from the conversation:

  • On AI: “We believe that there should be appropriate safeguards to protect an individual’s personhood — name, image, likeness and voice — but the law has to be appropriately bound for all parties.”
  • On industry partnerships: “There is absolutely a need for a close connection between the rights holders and the streaming services because if the streaming market doesn’t thrive, almost no one thrives.”
  • On the MLC redesignation: “The redesignation process is an important process to speak to all the people involved, figure out what’s working, what isn’t working and where we can improve.”

Read more about DiMA’s priorities for 2024 and beyond here.

L to R: Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, BMAC; Sally Rose Larson, DiMA; Michelle Lewis, SONA; Dina LaPolt, LaPolt Law; Susan Genco, MAC; Shawn “Tubby” Holiday, BMAC; Graham Davies, DiMA

 Photo credit: Justin L. Stewart

2. Rewind: DiMA at the GRAMMY®s

Celebrating Creators: DiMA, in partnership with Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC), Music Artists Coalition (MAC), and Songwriters of North America (SONA), hosted A Songwriter Salute: Creatives, Congress, & Cocktails event in Los Angeles during GRAMMY® Week. The event put a spotlight on songwriters and their talent, and the importance of streaming to the music economy. The partnership between DiMA, BMAC, MAC, and SONA emphasizes the importance of direct dialogue with music creators and their advocates to enable the industry to work together on key issues.

“Songwriters deserve recognition and celebration for the vital role that they play in bringing music to life,” said DiMA President and CEO Graham Davies. “DiMA works closely with creator advocates and was proud to present our GRAMMY® event: A Songwriter Salute. We are grateful for the partnership with leading creator groups BMAC, MAC, and SONA on this event and for the commitment to ongoing dialogue about how to improve the music industry for all stakeholders.”

Get the full details on the event here.

3. Tune In: DiMA Voices Support for Canadian Creators and Consumers

Building on past research and testimony, DiMA is sounding the alarm about the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) implementation of The Online Streaming Act (formerly known as Bill C-11), and how it could harm Canadian creators and consumers alike. In a recent op-ed, DiMA President and CEO Graham Davies lays out the concerns with C-11 and reminds the CRTC that “As we navigate the future of digital regulation, it’s important to proceed with caution, ensuring that any changes focus on harmonizing towards the better, and with due regard for the preferences and pocketbooks of the Canadian consumer.”

Check out what DiMA has to say about what’s at stake here.

4. Tune In: Black History Month

This month we are celebrating Black History Month, recognizing the numerous and enduring foundational contributions made by Black artists, songwriters, and musicians to music and culture. Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, and YouTube have launched curated playlists, community initiatives, and creator events to highlight and support Black artists.

5. For the Record: DiMA on AI and Music

The ongoing discussion over AI regulation is critically important to the music industry. DiMA has been very engaged on this topic, submitting letters for the record on Tennessee’s ELVIS Act and the U.S. House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on AI and Intellectual Property. DiMA’s members invest significantly to innovate and provide content that fans and consumers want to hear. DiMA and its members understand the need for appropriate safeguards around personhood, and will continue working with industry partners to identify viable paths forward.

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